Happy New Year


Why is it we always focus on what to change as we enter a new year, rather than what we want to continue? What do we hold in the background of our life, that flows so well that we do not even see it?  What behaviors, habits and actions served us well?

For me, I know that every time I thought of a kind or generous gesture and followed through on it rather than think it to death and let it pass, I was pleased! I was filled with gratitude as I made the call to a special friend to say “hi,” bought the gift that felt right even though there was no occasion in sight, or made the donation to help families in desperate need in the Philippines or children in Syria.

My previous resolutions have been keep a journal, spend time working in my garden, buy organic vegetables, and so on. Rather than say I failed to keep my resolution, I’d like to celebrate the times I did write in my journal, rake, plant and weed on my garden, and spend the extra money on organic foods.

This positive approach to celebrating what we DO do calls for more compassion and patience toward myself. That works for me! Happy New Year!


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