Being a Queen Draws More Happiness than Being a Princess

queen carol

My sister and brother-in-law joined Rich and me for an antique hunt during the holidays. In a great mall, I draped a fantastic white leather coat complete with fur collar around me as Neil crowned me. I felt (and looked) like a queen of long ago as everyone snapped pictures.

Later I pondered the difference in being a queen versus a princess. I then set an intention for 2014 that I would be more of a queen than a princess. A princess expects everyone to meet her expectations and “make” her happy. A queen is happy because she takes the initiative to make  demands (requests) that are met (usually) by those around her as they know what she desires. A princess is more excitable and worries about what everyone around her is thinking and doing. The behavior of others is all about her. A queen is calm, stable, and doesn’t get excited when those around her get a little crazy. She knows she has a choice in her reactions and that the behavior of others is all about those around her.

I intend to be the Queen in this New Year!


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