Accepting Family as Who They Are

carol family

My family gathered for the holidays as we do every two years. Every year I set high expectations for long, deep conversations while we are gathered. Every year…no surprise…we end the celebrations with virtually none of the conversations I had expected.

This year, the night before part of the family was departing, I was pondering the missed conversations and a feeling of acceptance came over me. Wow, could I hang onto that emotion and let go of the expectation for what didn’t happen… once again? As I thought about it, I realized that each one is a person I love. I also realized that if I want those deep conversations, it is my responsibility to make a request.

The next morning, I took action and suggested a possibility that just might work better than when we are all together. I began with my brother and asked if we could talk more frequently. He quickly agreed and we made a simple plan: either of us would text to see if it was “a good time” before calling. The more I thought about it, my brother and I have deeper conversations when it is just the two of us. So, I’m off and running with my requests to make and a text to send next week!


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