Purpose Makes the Difference!

14-quarter-moonIn our creative endeavor, this image grabbed attention as a powerful visual.  As the process unfolded, the question that captioned it is: “How does the moon’s cycle relate to you right now?” That speaks phases to me! As I think about the cycles of the moon I take some lessons about purpose.

The moon can be assigned a variety of purposes. It helps with the tides. The tides help circulate the wind which impacts heat. It provides light in the darkness. In mythology, the moon is often noted as a female archetype. And some liken it to a large block of Swiss cheese. And, of course there is the “man in the moon”! Some ask, “can there be purpose without intention?” Some respondents reply, NO… purpose is only established with intention. If this is true (and I’m confounded by this dilemma), someone had a GREAT intention in creating the moon. Think of the mastermind that took!

The question in regard to me instead of the moon, offers relevant reflection for the coming year. With purpose in mind, what intentions will I set for 2014? It’s that time, again. In 2013 my intention was to be BOLDER in more places, I was moderately successful. I allowed the question, “what actions will allow me to make a bigger impact?” Examining each situation with that question in mind offered me the opportunity to decide what would heighten the impact of my decision. I can think of a few choices that led to BOLDER action. I’m grateful for that intention and know there is a ton more growth so I’ve decided it was not a one year commitment; I’m on board to take it to the next level in 2014. What intentions are you ready to set for 2014?

I recently read a quote from From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with “The Divine Presence” by T.F. Hodge, “Life is short only if you are not living your purpose.” I invite you to ponder his words. How short [or long] will your life be?


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