My intention for Holiday Gatherings

december blogWinter Holidays are coming up soon…and, no, I’m not yet prepared with all the gifts. But I am prepared with my intentions for the holiday gatherings that are coming with family and friends. Just last week I was with part of our family over several days to attend celebrations of a very special 95-year old relative who had just passed. There were at least 50 relatives gathered at different times in different sized groups during these days. I observed mini-dramas going on at times between different family members. (Yes, I had admit that I had parts in one or to of those.)

Flying home I thought about the family gatherings that will be happening during the winter holiday season. I decided that I would set an intention for each setting and group. This intention would be how I desire to respond versus how I might react to various triggers. I’ve learned over the years that when I react to what someone says or does at these holiday gatherings, that I don’t always like my part in the drama. I’ve also found that if I go to the gathering with an intention to respond from the better part of myself, I always go home with no huge regrets… and better yet, no (or fewer) apologies to make!

Big intention, yes! And, I know it will support me in slowing down and maybe, just making a different choice for my response.


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