Intention of an Artist


Canadian artist, Sam Chahda, shared this story with me, about his paintings of “Eyes Together.” (This photo is a composite of individual 9X12 paintings of each eye.) Sam set an intention for these paintings that would include a series of eyes from around the world. He made a request on his Facebook page for people to take a snapshot of a human eye and email it to him with the country where the person lived. At first the response was slow…then it went viral and he received a wealth of eye photos from all parts of the world. He chose 12 very different eyes and this is a composite photo of the result.

What if he had not declared an intention to himself? What if he had not make a request to the world? What if he had not waited for the idea to go viral? Uhmmm, declaring a clear intention makes a difference in how things take shape. Making a request supports the intention. Allowing time for the request to be answered supports the desire.

Do you have a story where your intention made a difference? Please share!


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