Intention of a Kitchen Knife Creator


I listened to an interview on TV of a man who designs fancy kitchen knives. He was asked how he “found” this profession. He shared that it was not his intention when first choosing a career. He majored in something entirely removed from “knife making” in college but discovered while “fooling around” with steel that he liked this type of work. He set an intention of learning about knife making and then watched videos on YouTube about the craft. From this he made a list of the skills he needed… the tricks of the trade. Then he “just” kept perfecting each part of the skill sets needed.

This has turned into a career that includes two assistants. He schedules two days per week when he opens his shop for sales and famous chefs come from around the world to purchase his special knives for big bucks. If he doesn’t sell something in his shop, he sells it on his website in a couple of days. He does not take special orders… just creates each knife as a piece of art and it sells.

He declared at the end of the interview that a person just needs to discover what he likes doing, figure out what skills he needs to be the “best,” perfect those skills and then just do it. I gleaned from him that I don’t need to set a specific intention for a career. That if I enjoy doing “it” and perfect the skills I can do it. What a great story to share! So, those sayings around “find your bliss” and “just do it” and “believe” all have some truth. What do you think? If you saw this guy’s interview and/or know of his website, please let us all know.


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