Intention (a Plan) and Energy


I had a clear plan for a visit from out of state family for Thanksgiving. I had set my intention…primarily, to enjoy my family. I had a plan for meals, hanging out time and activities. It took an interruption to create awareness that reminded me of the most important part of the visit. While intentions seemed clear – to enjoy the visit – at 10:45 the night prior to arrival of four guests for five days, I noticed a leak in my kitchen plumbing (the interruption). Instead of the plan I had created (a final “to do”  list check) I found myself cleaning out under the kitchen sink, trying to isolate the leak and find a solution.

I was frustrated and angry, questioning why this had to happen now. Off to bed, LATE, with all that spinning in my head and, yes, I did sleep. I awoke earlier than usual for my 7:30 meeting to place calls to plumbers all of which netted only  messages left. I was in a frenzy! My airport pick-up was at 1:15 PM, I had no water in the kitchen, a dishwasher full of dirty dishes and 12 for dinner. By 10:00 am, I had two solutions…one, the next day and one later in the afternoon…neither really satisfied me because both involved changing my plan.

All of a sudden it dawned on me that I was trying to control a situation that was out of my control; I was in fire energy, determined to make this work as I wanted it to. I remembered my intention…to enjoy every minute of the family visit. That reminder helped me to recognize that fire energy would NOT create space for enjoyment, at all.  It was water energy that would best serve me, going with the flow would allow me to enjoy and laugh; control was not possible.

What would it take to move to water energy? Since I had done all I could to get the leak repaired before guests arrived, my work was done except to be satisfied with the late afternoon repair…and dinner later than I’d planned. I revisited my intention … enjoying my family…assessed what I needed to do…let go, go with the flow. To shift, I started with several deep breaths, opened my physical body, literally, arms wide inviting in what would be helpful and allowed myself a little chuckle, laughing at myself for not realizing I was in the way of  attracting what I needed by virtue of my STRONG determination. I already FELT better!

You will not believe what happened next! A call came from the ‘next day’ plumber to say he’d had a cancellation and could arrive in 30 minutes…perfect timing to make my airport pickup and allow the rest of the plan to stay in tact. He was finished installing a new garbage disposal at exactly the time I needed to head to the airport. AMAZING! I manifested what I wanted by letting go of what I thought I needed.

What are you DETERMINED to have happen that if you got out of your own way would?


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