What do You Want to Manifest?

What do You Want to Manifest?

That question, or one similar, “what do you want?” often causes a puzzled look. Most of us spend little time in reflection answering that question. While it may seem trite, prevailing thinking applies, “if you don’t know where you are going how will you know how to get there?” How do we know which map (or GPS program) to use if we don’t know where we’re headed?

Some may dismiss the idea of “manifesting” yet I can speak to how it works. Simply put, the energy we generate attracts more of the same. If you are thinking, “I’m unsure,” energy will be low and attract more uncertainty. Alternately, when thinking, I’m certain,” energy is high, you exude confidence and you attract more certainty.

My experience a few years ago is testimony to how manifesting works. My coaching practice began in the education realm. Due to several factors, I shifted from the educational arena to working with more business clients. At the end of 2009, I connected with several random people who had ties to education. Several conversations reminded me of my passion for making a difference in how we educate … and ultimately kids.

After some reflection and contemplation, I set my intention that I would shift my work back into education. I began talking with folks who had a similar passion, who were interested in more empowered students. Low and behold, opportunities came about that were extremely surprising. Someone I met three years prior called to inquire about working with her staff – an educational organization. Another coach I met a year prior called to offer an opportunity to offer a coaching program in a school. And, a couple of teachers called to explore 1:1 coaching. None of these were involved in the conversations I’d had earlier that year. I generated positive energy around what I wanted and ended up manifesting my dream.

If you were sitting on this pier, what wisdom might come with reflection? What might be revealed about what you want? These answers will help you determine what you want to manifest. The misconception about manifesting comes because some misunderstand that besides intention manifesting involves action. Both steps are equally important. Taking the action toward manifesting what you want generates the energy that allows it to happen.

So, back to where we started … “what do you want to manifest?”


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