Speaking of Colors

Speaking of Colors

Have you ever stopped to consider the impact of color on decision making? While there are a variety of interpretations of the meaning of colors, there is some common agreement around these few.

Red = Excitement, energy, passion, love

Pink = romance and caring

Yellow = joy, happiness and sunshine

Blue = peace, tranquility and wisdom

Green = nature, environment, health and wealth

What color are you right now? What color do you want to be? What will it take to shift your color? You know we can do that. Each of these colors is representative of a range of emotions. And, we can choose to shift our emotions thus we can manifest an emotional state. So, if you are blue … sad … and want to be blue … peaceful … what would it take?

Try this…notice your current thought. If sad, I suspect the thoughts are heavy, intense, challenging. Chose to think about your grandkids or a new puppy. How did the emotion shift?  If still blue, what is different? If another color, what? What emotion did you manifest by changing your thoughts?

 Another way to cause a shift is by changing your body. If you are blue … sad … you are most likely in a closed, downward position, physically. Change that position; shift upward, stretch your arms upward and outward, tilt your head back. What happens? With this shift, blue may still be present, however, it likely manifests a different emotion.

Experiment with changes in each domain, body, thoughts, emotions and share your experiences here.


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