Modes Allow us to Manifest our Reality


When I read this article by Daniel Goleman, considered an emotional intelligence guru, I was intrigued. Daniel’s distinction between modes and personality shed a different light on emotions. Certain emotional labels, depression for example, imply negative impact and create a certain reality. Thinking of “depression” as a mode vs. personality is far less permanent and implies movement.

I know that my thoughts create reality. Daniel caused me to consider that emotions also create my reality. I recently learned that I needed significant dental work for periodontitis. The morning of the procedure (it was to be a 4 hour process), I noticed that I was feeling edgy. Would I be uncomfortable? How would I feel after such a lengthy procedure that involved “digging” into my gums? Would I be able to eat the next day?

Not only was my mind racing with questions so was my body racing, you know that antsy feeling. I paid attention, took a break from my work and gave focus to what was happening. Paying attention revealed that I was fearful. Fear causes the brain’s hypothalamus to initiate the fight or flight response. The last thing I wanted was to be in fight or flight mode; neither one would serve me to be in the best place for a 4 hour dental procedure. Fight would interfere with my ability to cooperate with the wonderful doctor; flight would urge me to postpone the appointment (ridiculous, huh?).

I decided to generate the reality I wanted. I answered the questions positively … I had been told that most patients were AT MOST a little tender for a few days. I decided that I would be in that MOST category. I named my fear and pondered what emotion I WANTED to embrace…my choice was optimism. There is research that indicates that the anticipation of future pleasurable events increases the neurotransmitter dopamine. I wanted joy so I visualized myself the “morning after”  feeling joyful that so much bacteria was gone from my mouth…my whole body would be joyful for that.

It worked!  The procedure was longer than anticipated though not as bothersome (the worst of it was the noise). I faced the procedure with no resistance (fearless) and showed up on time (no flight). The day after my mouth felt clean and fresh, I was anxious to brush to keep it that way.  No pain or even discomfort.

My lesson: when I want to manifest something, it is important to consider not only my thoughts but also my emotions.  I tested it and it worked. What emotions are causing resistance in your life?  I invite you to try your own test.



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