Manifesting Your Dreams – Choosing to Work with Others


Throughout my life I have found that working with others produces much more fruit than when I work all alone. Even when I wrote a book that was my idea; I (wisely for once) immediately brought in others to read each chapter as I wrote it and offer comments and ideas. The book is about my path for coaching and I actually dreamed it. However, I somehow knew that I could get in the way of making the ideas clear by writing it in secrecy. So I invited my husband, who knows nothing about coaching to be one of the readers, and then I invited another coach who was in my training program to also read and comment.

As I wrote each chapter or even a part of a chapter, I passed it on to these two wonderful people. They shared their comments freely and I know it was a better book because of that. Of course, I went on to work with an editor and several proofreaders and page designers. The synergy created by all these people supported me creating something, I believe, serves others, which was my goal for writing the book.



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