Manifesting Your Dreams – Choosing to Make a Plan


Well duh… I knew that making a plan supports the Universe and me with clarity around my dreams. However for years my clients have heard me say that “the Universe provides” and by that I meant don’t worry about it. Well, maybe the Universe can figure out what I want and maybe it will send me the clients I don’t serve as well as some others but don’t have time or space.

Oops… where did I go wrong in this manifesting stuff?  My coach,  (yes, coaches have coaches when we can’t coach ourselves!) is supporting me in creating a clear business plan with what I  declare as my value, what I desire to earn in a year, whom I desire to coach, etc.  You know what? New clients are appearing (the Universe does provide), new possibilities for books, articles and products are flying into me from everywhere, AND I’m excited about the possibility of knowing where I’m going and what I can manifest.

Well duh… a plan works to support my dreams. I still dream and believe, but I have clarity around those dreams.


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