Manifesting Your Dreams – Choosing to Pay Attention


I believe there are no coincidences; rather there is synchronicity offered to us all the time…if we pay attention and notice. Yesterday, I was completing my time with a client that I was mentoring as he learned coaching skills. I was encouraging him to keep in contact with the study group of coaches in his program after it was complete.

I shared that I regularly talk with two of my colleagues who I met in coach training almost nine years ago…we meet weekly to support each other with our work and life in general. I went on to to tell him that we had created JICT Images because of our weekly connections. He asked me about the images and then offered an idea for a completely different product related to my way of coaching. Wow!  It seemed obvious after he suggested it, but I guess I needed to hear the idea from someone who had learned and benefited from my passion. The idea went almost immediately into my plan.

I, of course, think I have had some great ideas of my own along the way…but paying attention to what others offer and the possibility that might come from those observations takes me way beyond what I dare to dream sometimes


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