Creating the Life of Your Dreams


I contributed JICT Images to my local ICF chapter as a “gift” for attendees at our recognition event. The emcee asked each attendee to choose a card and allow the corresponding question on it to support them in an intention for the evening. The card I chose was this pier. The question: “Where are opportunities to bring color into your life?” I recall smiling as I read the question. There was about to “BE” color in my life as I was about to receive the Gaston Award, a recognition for distinguished service to ICF Minnesota and the coaching profession.

There were shades of red as I blushed when being recognized…while I so cherish the honor, there is a certain element of “embarrassment” when colleagues shared good things about me. I’m working on being more accepting of that…I think we women in particular have trouble receiving recognition. I started being more accepting that very evening as I looked out and saw family and friends stand and clap as I accepted the honor. I really did “take it all in” and allow myself to FEEL the honor. It was quite enriching.

Once the red was gone, blue surfaced…among other things blue is said to represent wisdom. For quite some time I have accepted the “elder” label, graciously. I know that at my age (and have become keenly aware since my Mom’s death) I am an elder.  Elders are said to be wise. I realize that I carry many lessons that constitute wisdom and feel the responsibility to share my wisdom.  As I listened to the organizational leaders who were also being recognized, I was surrounded by wisdom; there was blue everywhere.

Yellow, or joy, was certainly present. The joy was individual and collective. My personal joy was enhanced as I FELT the collective joy. This collective joy burst forth as so many coaches were reminded of the power of their work. And as organizational leaders proudly highlighted the impact that resulted due to coaching. As each speaker shared the value of coaching, the room shone more brightly. Yellow is the color of the sun, after all!


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