Aging … Intentionally!

70-kite-in-treeA recent brainstorming session for Lake Barcroft Village Volunteer Program in Falls Church, VA opened the eyes of volunteers who support older residents so that they remain in their homes. My colleague, Jane, invited the participants to make introductions by selecting a JICT Images that expressed what they appreciate about getting older. The exercise offered personal insights for each.

A sunset revealed for one person the beauty of the later time of life.  For someone else, the swan with the cygnets was a reminder of her gratitude for so many grandchildren. The images allowed care givers to embrace gratitude for aging rather than the usual complaints about it.

The highlight was the person who chose this image of kites in a tree. For him, the lower kite represented where he is now; the higher kite represented the completion of his life. The revelation was the great distance still to travel. No matter what age, considering the distance left to travel, whatever that may be, offers optimism. This exercise led to deep community connections and a productive brainstorming session.

Aging intentionally allows us to embrace rather than repel the later years. What image would offer you an opportunity to set your intention around aging?



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