A Missed Image Opportunity


I bring my JICT Images wherever I go because I never know when I will need them. I supported a retreat for a small team of creative IT millenials last week.  I never thought about the cards because my role was to actually cook the meals rather than do any coaching.

Right after their intense all day meeting, they caught me in the kitchen and asked me to facilitate a conversation on why their team members were bored by the work they were doing for clients. They felt their creative ideas and technical expertise actually scared their clients. After about 30 minutes, we identified some of the “missing conversations” that lead to this disconnection between what they had to offer and what their clients expected.

If I had the JICT Images, I would have asked them to select an image that represented a missing conversation. Using this image would have been fun and generated a missing conversation about how much more value and creativity the team could offer the client’s customers by expanding their view.

The images are going in the trunk of my car from now on!


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