My fear, my foot pain and my resolution


If you read my posts last month(blog 1, blog 2), you learned about a potential budding relationship with a new friend 1700  miles away (I learned since that it is actually only 1100 miles).  We both declared the risk involved in spending a weekend with someone on the other end of the phone whom we’d never met.  Think maybe that created some fear?  Well,  I believe that my body did … you may recall that I had a foot issue creep up unexpectedly and that according to Louise Hay, “foot issues” are indicators of “fear of the future.”  Umh!

I believe that ALL emotions have their place and do my best not to attach assessments to any (easier said than done).  I so suspect that all my good intentions aside, this meeting created fear at some level.  Once acknowledged, my affirmation that “I move forward in life with joy and ease” helped release the foot pain.  In fact, it pretty much disappeared.  How did the meeting go, you ask?  GREAT … we had a fun packed weekend of art, learning and great food.  A great friendship developed.

I was reminded how much The Cities have to offer and that I do not take advantage of near enough of it.  So, I made a commitment to myself … I participate on at least one “tourist type” activity a month in Minneapolis or St. Paul.  By “tourist type” activity, I mean those things that visitors do not want to miss when they visit and those of us who live in a city often say, I can do that another time.  When “another time” comes up for me, I’m taking that as a trigger and taking action.  Carpe Diem!


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