Fear creeps up again; The rest of the story!


Thinking I had dealt with my fear of equine coaching, excitement about the experience returned … until another surprise a few hours later.  Our group was seated in a circle in one arena and our equine coach entered with a horse to share safety instruction.  The horse entered calmly following her lead.  As she began to instruct us in the safety of leading a horse, the animal began to kick up and balk … she was surprised and wondered aloud what was going on with Sally.  I had been noticing my fear creeping back up as the horse and coach entered.  At one point, the instructor asked if anyone had any questions, comments or concerns.

By this time, my fear was almost as significant as it had been in the morning.  At first I hesitated to voice it and finally realized that it was so big for me, I had to.  So, I offered my excitement about the experience, what had happened that morning and the fact that as the horse entered the arena, the “fear twinges” reappeared though I thought I had put them to rest.  Almost as soon as I began to describe my fear, the horse settled down, incredible!  The instructor noted that and shared that my fearful energy was communicated to the horse.  Articulating it allowed me some release which balanced the energy so that the horse also settled down.  Amazing!

My biggest take away from that experience was that fear, especially gone unacknowledged, is shared with the world in non-productive ways. I often think about that in relation to chaotic situations, violent incidents and war.  How much does the mere fear of the unknown impact reactions?  How might our world be different if more folks were aware of and declared their fear?  What fear has crept up on you that has been the catalyst for some chaos or conflict?  What fear are you ready to declare?    What will support you to shed it?

A clue:  Notice any twinges that are present, they may represent fear that lacks your full awareness.


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