Images Clarify Ideas-Testimonial


Jane, one of the JICT Images creators attended a seminar last weekend with a colleague. They decided to debrief together from a very busy day of learning.  Jane selected about 10 image cards randomly from the deck of 72.  She suggested that both of them select the image that captures the key learning from the day. Jane’s colleague selected a close up image of the branches of trees (shown above) and said that she now has a much more detailed understanding of the topic of the day and that allows her to add many new dimensions to how she can apply it to her work. Jane chose an image of ice on branches (shown below). That image illustrates a greater complexity and set of connections she is able to see and feel. This led to a rich conversation.  Jane’s colleague loved using the images and decided to purchase a box for herself! Images do take us to a deeper level.



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