Body Wisdom

all-is-wellWhen a physical aliment shows up, I typically stop and explore what is going on in my life. I believe physical symptoms are manifestations of something at a deeper level (often subconscious) that is impacting us. I often consult Louise L. Hay’s work. Hay is one of the pioneers in mind-body connections. A recent foot issue prompted me to consult You Can Heal Your Body.

Hay suggests that dis-ease can be reversed by changing mental patterns. She offers probable causes related to various parts of the body and dis-ease. From Hay’s perspective, “healing” comes from recognizing the probable cause and shifting the thought pattern to positive affirmation. Many times the thought pattern creating the dis-ease is not necessarily conscious. In my “foot pain” case, it was not conscious at all; read on for my assessment.

The “probable cause” of a foot issue as espoused by Louise Hay is “Fear of the future and not moving forward in life”.  To “heal” the foot the “new thought pattern” is “I move forward in life with joy and ease”.  As I read the “cause”, I was immediately aware of a two things that may certainly be contributing to the “probable cause”… a new relationship and a shift in business direction.

I invite you to consider what life issues may be manifesting themselves physically.  What conscious or subconscious thoughts are creating physical discomfort?  What affirmations can shift the thoughts and contribute to healing the body?  Tap your “body wisdom” for awareness and solutions!

ALERT:  Watch for future postings for more on this topic and my personal story.


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