Body Wisdom Continued …

5-dried-seaweedFollowing up to my post a few days ago and sharing Louise Hay’s movie, I’ll share my experience with “body wisdom”.

Since the passing of my late husband 16 years ago, I’ve shared with friends and colleagues that I would like to share my life with a male partner … someone with similar values, interested in living life to the fullest. While I’ve dated over the years and even had a few significant relationships, I have not met “the one”. Three weeks ago, I was introduced, by a friend, to a very interesting man. We have established that we share common values, he definitely has a lust for life and we have begun to build a solid relationship … by phone; he lives over 1700 miles away. And, we’ve agreed to meet in a few weeks.

Remember that, according to Louise Hay, “foot issues” are indicators of “fear of the future”. Think the scenario I’ve described creates some fear of the future? (“Fear” not being a negative since it serves as a protective emotion). Certainly there is a significant amount of risk on both our parts … his to travel the 1700+ miles; mine to host him on my home turf. This is neither good nor bad, merely risky. I found it interesting that this “foot issue” appeared in a time frame just after we made plans. Not knowing the cause, I visited my chiropractor and my doctor … diagnosis “arthritis”! While Louise’s “probable cause” of arthritis, “feeling unloved, criticism, resentment” did not ring any bells, it directed me to “joints” the “probable cause” of which “represents changes in direction in life and the ease of these movements”. The end of the story in a future post!


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