Affirmations Support Healing

18-einstein-and-manHaving shared an overview of Louis Hay’s work, my personal experience with physical dis-ease, and the probable cause … not it’s time to share the healing process.  The key to healing is twofold:

  • generating a new awareness so we are fully aware and any subconscious thoughts are revealed
  • with that awareness creating a different reality by shifting the narrative that plays over and over

Generating the new awareness comes in a variety of ways, perhaps though journaling, especially with a specific question or intention in mind.  For some, physical activity or mediation reveals the awareness.

Creating a new narrative is pretty simple once we are aware.  Louis Hay offers suggested affirmations, for example (summarized):

Problem :  Foot       
Probable Cause (existing reality):
Fear of Future” 
Positive Affirmation (narrative shift):
 “I move forward in life with joy and ease”   

Problem :  Arthritis     
Probable Cause (existing reality): 
Feeling unloved, criticism, resentment”      
Positive Affirmation (narrative shift):
“I am love.  I see others with love”

Problem :  Joints     
Probable Cause (existing reality):
Represent changes in life direction”   
Positive Affirmation (narrative shift):
   “I easily flow with change.  My life is divinely guided… 

My personal experience … with the awareness that a new relationship and a business direction may have generated the flaring of arthritis in my foot (it was likely there for some time), I consciously created a narrative focusing on the positive.  “I move forward with joy and ease, I go with the flow taking the actions that support me and I trust my actions will generate the reality I desire. 

Guess what?  Within less than 24 hours, the foot pain is significantly reduced, my gait is coming back to normal and I feel strong and confident.   I’ve allowed my “body wisdom” to inform me.

PS.  I did take a few Aleve, however I’d taken them over the last 3 days with no relief!



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