What surprises have you had this summer?

SurpriseHelp us generate a surprise exchange!  Surprises can be funny, challenging or fitful.  Where have you been surprised the most?  Did it have to do with a trip?  Or maybe your kids surprised you … were more (or less) contented that you anticipated.  Surprises are related to expectations.  We are surprised when we are shocked or we have new revelations or we are startled.

Where have you been astonished?  I find this inquiry extremely insightful because it reminds me that so many times I create expectations, I anticipate something WAY grander that it actually is.  And, guess what?  I’m disappointed.  My disappointment is self-imposed since I create an unrealistic reality.  I realized years ago that especially in regard to trips, I was often disappointed.  When I dug into it, I was disappointed because my TOO HIGH expectations never matched the reality.

As I learned to live IN the moment, not have to create expectations, I was so much more satisfied.  What has been your biggest surprise this summer?


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