Visualizing & Dreaming

My first experience with a coach was an opportunity to be coached by a friend who was in training.  It was a huge awakening!  The self-revelation was both comforting and confounding.  Some things were affirming, some surprising and others downright revealing.  The most amazing revelation was that I had stopped dreaming (or maybe never did)!

Since age 32 when asked how old I was, I had to do the math … I could always recall the year of birth though NOT my actual age.  People joked that I blocked my “number” because I was resistant to aging.  While I knew that not to be true, it was puzzling that my immediate response was 32 … and it took doing the math to know the real number.

Through coaching, I uncovered the “barrier” to knowing my age … I had put my dreams on hold at age 32 … really stopped dreaming MY dreams!  A career change for my spouse meant a move from New Jersey (land of my roots) to Ohio (never-never land, at the time).  While we made the decision for our family together and I was on board, it seemed that life event stopped (or interfered with) my personal dreaming.

All of a sudden one day, I made the connection between not knowing my age and not dreaming.  It was life changing not only because I understood the “block” to knowing my age but also because I realized that I judged dreaming as juvenile, realized that I had disowned my child self and overly embraced my serious self.

“Can you Imagine” a session at the ICF MRC conference led by Peter Reding, was a recent reminder of my desire to dream.  Using visualization, I was coached to manifest a new relationship, WOW!  While visualization is not the same as dreaming, it is difficult to visualize something if you are not willing to let go, engage your child and SEE what you want.    This blue image is a reminder for me to walk in lightness, allow my inner child to reveal herself and dream what is possible.  What does the image offer you?

PS.  And now can I recall my actual age without doing the math … most of the time!



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