Surprises in Judgment

43-old-truckKnowing that my topic for this blog was focused on surprises, In the last month, I’ve been paying particular attention to what surprises me.  It’s been an interesting exercise.  I highly recommend it!

One of the things that has been a surprising surprise is how much judgment surrounds me… at a personal and world level.  A few conversations with friends shed particular light on how much we judge each other … surprises about how someone handles a certain situation and judgment about its validity.

In the larger world, I noticed just how much we judge each other.  While this is not something new, paying specific attention shone a light on how destructive it is in our world.  In the last month, in relation to most current events I followed, judgments were lodged.  Legal cases, politicians, revolutionaries, patients, doctors, neighbors … judgment was everywhere.

My observations caused me to wonder what it would be like if we ALL committed to live IN the moment and live in gratitude and peace vs. judgment?  Who’s willing to give it a try?   Start with this image of a truck.  What was your immediate judgment of its value?  As you consider possibilities, what changes?  Where, in your life, are you willing to relinquishing judgment for the next week? Commit to that area and see how it changes your perspective.


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