Is there a stone in your shoe?

Cynthia Kivland, Smart2Smarter Coaching, shared a metaphor that really resonated with me.  She likened the things we tolerate to a “stone in the shoe” … we’ve all had one and often walk around with it annoying us for quite some time.  Though it would be very easy to reach down and dump the stone, we seem to persist in the place of discomfort.

Isn’t it interesting that while we have a very simple solution, we wallow in discomfort?

In a recent coaching session, a client chose this image to represent her current skill level.  She had walked Giant’s Causeway in Ireland with her spouse and children a few years ago.  The image brought back how on the uneven stones, one is challenged to stay balanced and how each stone is completely unique.  She likened balancing on the stones to integrating new skills into her work; balancing her insecurity with the new learning with the knowledge that practice makes progress.  She verbalized her desire to embrace the insecurity in order to enhance her work.

Isn’t it interesting that embracing discomfort often means progress?

So, how uncomfortable are the stones in your shoe?  How simple the solution to the discomfort?  How will the discomfort of the stone in the shoe serve you in the long term?

Isn’t it interesting that it is our response to a situation that is positive or negative, rather than the situation itself?  I may decide to PUT stones in my shoe as a reminder.



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