Context & Reality

14-quarter-moonFor years, I’ve been aware of and heard from non-English speakers about the difficulty of our English language.  I’ve been paying particular attention to some of the challenges in our language.  I bet most of you have heard the joke or seen the email displaying some of the most significant ones “the farm was used to produce produce”,  (funny, spell check suggest I delete the repeated word with this one) “there was no time like the present to present the present” or “when shot at, the dove dove into the bushes”.  I can see the confusion of those learning our English language!

There are so many surprises in our language that can lead to confusion.  What comes to mind when you hear batter?  Cake or baseball?  How about iceberg? Lettuce or Ice?  What about Cherokee?  A jeep or an Indian to tribe?   Or bugs?  Insects or pesters?    The confusion can lead to misunderstandings; context helps to create clarity.  This is yet another element of “perception” and “reality”.  For a movie buff, “star” likely conjures up a celebrity.   In the scientific world, there are so many explanations.  The astronomer wonders about the placement of a star in the universe.  While the astrologer wonders about the impact on someone due to birth date.  And, to the non-scientist, the star is a magical, often romantic, sparkler that amazes.

Notice all the places where interpretation, perspective and experience color your language and influence your understanding.  You will likely be surprised more than you’d imagine.


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