Celebrating Freedom

In the USA as we celebrate July 4th and independence, the red, white and blue in this image evokes countless pictures in my mind.  The recent death of 19 firefighters in Arizona who gave their ultimate independence – LIFE – to assure the safety of others.  Many people struck by various acts of mother nature in the last several months, without power for days in either boiling or freezing temperatures or returning to flooded homes.  How independent are they?

Looking abroad, there are so many people in conflict to gain or maintain the independence that we celebrate.  Then there are those who are dismissed because of the nature of their birth.  And, oh, how about those, especially children who have no idea where they will get the next meal … and we think of that as across the ocean though it happens right in our own backyard.   Great Harvest Heartland has done a study and has identified the numbers by community in Minnesota who are hungry.

How do you define independence?  When has there been a time when your independence was compromised?  What will you recall as you celebrate “Independence Day”?  The image of the anchored sail boat reminds me that anchors keep us in place and they can keep us stuck.  When the anchor is lifted, the boat is free to sail.  How able are you to lift the anchors that no longer serve?  What are the anchors that keep you grounded, centered, focused?



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