Celebrate Something Every Week my fast paced and crazy world I sometimes get caught up in all the sad and bad things going on around me and across the world. When I remember there is more to my life than the news stories on my computer, I can actually lift myself back up to a more positive mood that supports me as well as everyone around me. I believe that balance in life is good for me and that includes a balance within my thoughts. When I remember to celebrate, even make a really big deal (dance or cake, anyone?), out of all the great things happening around me, it balances out my mood and I can stay on the positive side. I wrote earlier about my big celebration for July 3rd, (wedding anniversary), and I can also share I’m celebrating my sweet dog, Ange, today. She brings me joy when she gets so very excited that it is a new day and she is feeling the wind in her face.  I am celebrating with her by just giving her a little more time to sit on my lap. Ahhhh, feels so good when she gives me those kisses! What are you celebrating today?


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