Boundary or Barrier Distinction Continued


As a coach, I often invite my clients to CREATE boundaries … without them we operate in undefined ways, often are overwhelmed and can easily find ourselves without capacity for all that we commit.  Do you ever say yes when you really mean (or want to say) no?  That may be a clue that boundaries are non-existent or loose at best.   Write down 2 places where you would like to create or adjust boundaries.

On the other hand, I invite clients to examine and DEMOLISH barriers … the things that are limiting.  Barriers get in the way of what we want, where we want to go, what we want to generate.  They keep us stuck, cause frustration, anger and often generate conflict with self or others.  Write down 2 limiting beliefs [barriers] that are in your way.

We often refer to Minnesota as having two seasons, winter and road construction.  The road construction season creates a variety of barriers to access (and often seems more difficult to navigate than the snow).  All of a sudden either concrete barricades or orange barrels appear and get in the way of our travel. The concrete barriers are toughest to move … they are large, heavy and may need a fork lift to budge.  The orange barrels, though barriers, are more easily shifted … sometimes hollow, often flexible and can be rolled away.

What concrete barricades or orange barrels exist that prevent you from something you want?   When you notice where barriers exist do you need a metaphorical fork-lift to free yourself or are you able to move them under your own power?  Pay some attention to the distinction between barriers and boundaries in your life.  Having clear boundaries is self-supporting; solid barriers are self-defeating.


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