Cel…a…bration Time, come on!


My husband and I just returned from an early morning celebration breakfast at the highest point in the Black Canyon National Park. We were married there by my brother on July 3rd, 2005. Warner Point Trail overlooks the Uncompahgre Valley, where we live, and the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado which we traversed for 18 months in our courting days… all heaven to us. Every year since the wedding we have returned to this beautiful place to reread the wedding vows we wrote for our ceremony and to celebrate the great relationship we cultivate every day. This was not the first marriage for either of us and, fortunately we learned from our mistakes what is important in sustaining a supporting partnership of love, work, and play. Our secrets: We are so grateful that we have learned how to have separate lives and yet support each other so completely in what each desires to do with his or her life. Also, we take time each morning and each evening to share our plans for the day and then to share what happened. We know, for us, this has supported us in knowing how life is for the other and is a time where we can make requests for support or celebrate some happening together. What do you celebrate this July?


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