What is scary to you?


When I look at this image, I think, “Ohhhh my! Could I get in that raft and enjoy the rapids? My first answer is, “only if I know I will survive!” I love canoeing in a fairly smooth river… but this kind of raft trip is not my 1st or 100th choice. Why? Because when I was a small girl in deep water I thought I was going to drown and that story comes back to me when I see images like this one. Can I do other things that appear scary to some people? Of course, it has always been exhilarating for me to climb to the top of a high mountain. I was with a friend who literally froze and had to be talked down off a steep climb. We all are somewhat different in what and why some adventures are scary and some are not. Could someone support my friend and me in overcoming our deepest fears? Probably… AND it is a choice!


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