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33-orange-beach-ysI am a huge advocate of mentoring and part of “walking my talk” is to advance the practice whenever I am able.  I have co-facilitated a mentor program for Women Entrepreneurs of MN, a non-profit organization created to give women with an entrepreneurial spirit a network of others who are like-minded and striving to make a difference every day, for five years.  The purpose of the mentor program is for women to support each other.  In just about each case, the mentee is ready to be stretched to move to a new level, to grow and develop professionally and sometimes personally.  Most mentees really are moving into a new chapter which requires being stretched and leads to establishing a new comfort zone.

At the kick off participants share their goal with JICT Images as the catalyst.  In many cases, the image allows sharing outside the comfort zone.  Moving the conversation from the head to the heart, opens space for honest exchange and allows mentor and mentee to learn what really matters.  Each of the posts that follow highlight how an image inspired new thinking about a new idea.

One mentee recently shared that as she explores making a change, she does not know “exactly” what the “something new” looks like, however, she is “going for it” based on her idea and with the support of her mentor.  AWESOME!!!


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