How am I grateful, let me count the ways

gratitude 2

How am I grateful? Let me count the ways.

I am grateful to as deep as my soul can fathom … as far as my arms can stretch … as wide as my mind can imagine

And beyond

My gratitude is, at times, overwhelming

As I reflect at the end of a day that seemed wrought with struggles

To record in my gratitude journal

I realize the struggles are fewer and the gratitude more plentiful

When I reflect on what really matters, so many things come that narrowing the list is the struggle

I am grateful for sun and moon and stars

Never mind the moisture, whether the morning dew or rain or, yes, even sleet and snow

That hydrates our earth

Oh my, what gratitude for the warmth of a cozy couch and the coziness of a fluffy comforter.

That is only the beginning

Freedom to speak my mind, write my thoughts and know it is safe (unless I fear a conflicting opinion)

I am grateful for nourishment for both body and soul

For interesting people that fill my world

Who reach out in so many caring and thoughtful ways, who stretch me and affirm me

And on the subject of people … those who are most important to me … my own kids and almost more special grandkids.

How blessed am I to be to blessed with two little munchkins who run screaming, “G-Ma” each time I see them, who are so curious and imaginative and loving

Yes, it is love AND gratitude … is it possible for one to exist without the other?


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