Synchronicity versus Coincidence

Synchronicity versus Coincidence

Carl Jung was the first to write about Synchronicity in 1952 but he talked about it beginning in the 1920’s. It is the phenomenon of like attracting like, as stated previously. Have you had an experience where the person (idea) appeared at the moment you needed her or it? This is not luck or coincidence (chance happening) according to Jung or Candice Pert or me… it is synchronicity. I was flying to Costa Rica last November and a woman walked down the aisle at 36,000 feet, heard my voice, and said, “Carol?” I looked up and recognized a new client from Canada whom I had met only once on Skype. She was on the way to her country of origin, Costa Rica, to see her father, a recent victim of a stroke. She immediately shared that she desired some coaching, “NOW!” and, I was humbled to be able to serve her at her time of need. It was no coincidence that we were on the same plane and that she heard my voice.

Do you have a story of synchronicity? Please share it here!


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