Lucky or Unlucky?

Lucky or Unlucky?

Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky in love… or whatever?

Holding to my belief of synchronicity… like attracting like… I believe it is how we observe what is or has happened to us that might support us in seeing how really lucky we are! Sometimes there are situations where we have a thought about how unlucky we are. Later we discover that the best happened after all, that we just couldn’t see the big picture in the moment.

This past summer I had an exercise to complete within a coaching course I was taking. It was about writing an emotional autobiography for different periods of my life. I learned from that exercise just how lucky I have been all my life. Even the worst stories turned out to be gifts over the years. Maybe it was a lesson from which I truly grew… maybe it was a situation that I avoided because of what happened. It just affirmed my belief in synchronicity… and that the Universe is bringing the best to me… if I allow it to come in the way that best serves and I pay attention so I don’t miss it!

What about you?


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