Is this Synchronicity at Work?

Is this Synchronicity at Work?

Have you had a problem with your computer this week? (I do almost every week, lately!?) I do much of my coaching via Skype and this week my clients were not able to hear me. I tried all the usual things… checked that mute was not checked on the Skype screen, my volume settings, searching Skype help, etc. Nothing worked and we had to use the old-fashioned landline phones. I have learned that especially with technical problems it is best for me to check on what I know and then to allow time… incubation time I call it… for the Universe to bring me an answer and it usually comes in the middle of the night! This week it did as well… I awoke in the dark and I just knew what to do… the old reboot the computer trick. It worked, of course. So, are stories like this about synchronicity?

I believe they are. I believe sometimes patience serves to bring us our answers. What do you believe?


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