Kindness Returned

flowers Only days after sharing random acts of kindness with Rotarians, my friend Mary Beth Growney Selene, found herself the recipient of such an act.

She writes … “Little did I know that I would be the recipient of such a random kindness.

On Saturday, December 22, I was finishing up some last-minute grocery shopping. The store was crowded yet; everyone was feeling the Christmas spirit. Checkout lines were moving along with “paper or plastic?” heard rather regularly. I had gone through the line and my now-bagged groceries were headed in the direction of our car. The Salvation Army bell-ringers were singing Christmas carols (really well, I might add), which I enjoyed as I dug for some money to put in the kettle.

As I walkepostcardd away from the kettle, a young boy, about 8-9 years old, walked up to me and offered me the beautiful flowers pictured above. I told him that he must have me mistaken for someone else. His dad, standing nearby, said, “No, those are for you. This Christmas, our family has decided to share 26 random acts of kindness in honor and memory of the victims of the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy.” Inside the bouquet of flowers was a special card, also pictured above. I was, and still am, humbled by this very beautiful act of kindness to a stranger.

Dylan Hockley, the young boy in whose memory the flowers were given, and his family, are not far from my mind these days, especially when I look at my flowers. I also have the young family, who provided me with a very personal random act of kindness, in my head and heart. I can’t get over the lessons these parents have taught their children, as well as those of us who were the recipients of their kindness and those whose lives we will touch as we “pay it forward”.

Until you have been on the receiving end of such a kind gesture, you can’t imagine the impact. I would appreciate it if anyone reading this chooses to make someone else’s life better through a simple and courteous act of kindness. In doing so, we will forever be connected to the family I met at the grocery store in Madison, WI and to young Dylan Hockley. Thank you.”

What a touching way to keep the love alive.  Who do you want to impact with a random act?


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