Image a Smile

Image a Smile

Sometimes it is easier than we think to lighten the load of someone else. Guess what? It lightens our load as well. The other day I was in line to return an item in a busy store. (My least favorite thing to do in a store!) The line was long and the clerk behind the counter looked like she was at the end of her rope. I witnessed grumpy people and a grumpy clerk. I had time to think what might make my experience easier and how I would get money back with no receipt. Oh dear! The thought came that just a simple smile and asking about her day might serve. When it finally was my turn, I smiled and said, “so, how’s it going today?” She frowned and I could see she was thinking about telling me just how bad it had been. Suddenly, she smiled, and just said that she would be getting off work in 30 minutes and was going to see her granddaughter. I smiled and said, “What fun, enjoy! I know because I have a granddaughter as well.” Wow, it felt really good to connect with a stranger. She relaxed a bit, AND I discovered that this small connection and the smiles shifted the mood of my day as well. This serves us all: smiles and connections as humans!


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