Act on Your Intuition and Accept Intuitive Gifts

Act on Your Intuition and Accept Intuitive Gifts

My husband and I returned recently from a wonderful tour of Costa Rica. While hiking in a cloud forest our botanist guide stopped us to share about the wonderful medicinal qualities of many plants, especially many found in tropical jungles. He pointed to a banana tree and shared a personal story. Several years ago he was diagnosed with a very rare liver disease. The doctor sent him home from the hospital saying that if a donor was not found soon, our guide would be dead in two weeks. As he left the hospital an elderly woman saw him on the walk and asked if she might speak with him. He stopped and she said she noticed he had liver problems. He was surprised but listened as she offered that if he would drink the juice from the middle of the banana tree branch, he would get well. As he had nothing to lose, he began to cut the banana branches at his father’s home and drink the juice. When he returned to visit his doctor a week later he was declared cured… a miracle in the words of the doctor. He is now sharing his story with medical people and others wherever he can. The old woman acted on her intuition sharing her knowledge with a stranger. Our guide acted on his intuition and believed the advice of a stranger. What beautiful gifts!


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