Unique Use of images to Support Coaching

Unique Use of images to Support Coaching

One of the JICT Team members discovered a unique way to support herself as the coach within a session. A client was struggling to understand what was the cause of her emotions around whether to sell property she owned. The emotions were holding her back from making a decision. The coach was not coming up with a powerful question that would support the client in uncovering the emotions she was feeling. The coach happened to have her JICT Images at hand. In desperation she turned over the picture of the cabin on the cliff by the running stream. The question she asked was: What if you, as your house, floated away in a river… what would you feel? This led to all kinds of other emotions being revealed and a shift in the client’s story to a place she could make a decision. The images intuitively led to a question with a metaphor that led to “the heart of the matter”.


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