Building Community among Rotarians

Building Community among Rotarians

I have the privilege of serving Rotary District 5950 as the District Trainer … a role that provides the opportunity to support leaders who share the Rotary story (a very powerful one!) and empower members to lead. Our leaders are committed to “kicking our training up a notch”! At our leadership training kick off, presenters offered models demonstrating good adult learning principles. Building community was a part of that.

We began our session inviting participants to choose a JICT Image that “depicts how Rotary reflects what you care about”. Though most attendees knew each other, this activity deepened that knowing and offered new insights about each other. IT injected fun into the session and offered insights for inspiration. The entries that follow will capture some of the inspired sharings. While I was not surprised that JICT Images inspired Rotarians, I was awed by the many ways Rotarians made connections shared that inspiration.


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