Vacation “thriving”

Vacation “thriving”

If our default in life is to “survive”, likely that is even how we approach … consider this image with the concept in mind …

  • Surviving … standing at the foot of the mountain, admiring the majesty of the natural wonder, considering a climb.
  • Thriving … testing my stamina, risking a fall, celebrating the climb.

David McNally’s work contrasts surviving vs. thriving at length. Think about how each of these applies to thriving when on vacation … from his work, The Eagles’ Secret

Survivors focus on… Thrivers focus on…
Sticking to the familiar The need to explore
Feeling secure Expanding their potential
Avoiding pain Seeking growth
What is necessary What is possible

Where have you explored, expanded or grown? And where have you opted for security, familiarity? How do you assess yourself on the “surviving-thriving” scale? Where will you choose to thrive on your next adventure?


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