Use Images to Creatively Shift Your Mood

Use Images to Creatively Shift Your Mood

How are you feeling as you move through the holiday season? If you are finding yourself in a mood that isn’t serving, try these tips for shifting your mood using images:

  1. Name your current mood by looking through some images until one shows you the answer. To make it easy go to the 12 images on
  2. Choose another image that represents the mood in which you would rather be.
  3. Center… breath deeply and feel all of your body from your toes to the hair on your head.
  4. Allow your body to shift its position until you can truly feel the new mood. Relax into this new mood.
  5. Whenever you feel yourself back in the old mood, take a moment and repeat steps 3-5.

Enjoy the holidays and share your story on our blog!



  1. Judy Michalski  December 25, 2012

    Great idea! Just spent Christmas Eve with a family outside Buenos Aires…tomorrow Iguazu Falls. Judy


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