Survive or Thrive a loss?

Survive or Thrive a loss?

After the sudden death of my spouse of 25 years, at a young age, David’s message inspired me. I was doing fine, adjusting, in some ways avoiding the pain, certainly doing what was necessary. Thriving was a concept vs. a reality until David’s message inspired me. I was clueless to the distinctions; once I reflected, I made a commitment to thriving.

After this loss, thriving looked like this for me:

  • Exploring new relationships
  • Making a professional move from a secure position that I liked to one that called to my heart,
  • Confronting the pain rather than burying it
  • Exploring what was possible rather than what was necessary.

For me thriving became a transparent mantra; it was years later when I realized that another dose of “thrive” would re-motivate. Be sure not to miss the “re-inspired thriving” entry.


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