Re-inspired to Thrive

Re-inspired to Thrive

David McNally happened to be the keynote speaker at the Mid West Regional ICF and I found myself exploring how “thriving” was going for me … WOW, a wakeup call! While personally I was thriving, family, kids are married, two grandkids, wonderful friends, a full life (though I am searching for the man of my dreams!). All seemed well. All at once the light bulb went on … my business was surviving though not thriving … the work I was doing was making a difference … not a BIG enough difference.

I realized that my coaching work to empower students and teachers had limits. To thrive I must expand the reach; empower more educators so more students would be touched. I set my intention to do just that which set off several endeavors that shifted my reach. What a difference thriving makes in my own life … and that of others! Where are you inspired to “thrive”? How will your “thriving” impact those around you?


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