Openness & Results

Openness & Results

During a facilitated team conversation to build a future together, a consultant invited team members to consider what colleagues had expressed, notice where “you are” right now and focus on your own position … give it dedicated attention. After a minute and a half, she invited them to each take a deep breath, stand up and move around in the circle of chairs to find a new place in the room so that they can speak from their hope. The energy completely shifted.

They were each invited to share (and all did) what an image offered about looking into the future. The shared comments included how they were feeling, what they were noticing, new awareness; it was beautiful. Team members so appreciated that they could speak about how they felt and express hopefulness about the future. The result was excitement about the future, encouragement of each other and enthusiasm about what is possible. Without the images as a catalyst, it is unlikely that members would have ever gotten to such a deep level of hope and optimism.


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