Images Suggest a Mood

Moods are the emotional place we live in around any domain of our lives. We may not even know from where they came and we may not even be aware of what mood we live in some domains. It can serve to discover the mood, decide if we want to live there, or if we want to shift to another mood. I have found that using images can support this discovery. I look at about six or eight images and see which one calls to my heart. Then I focus on that image with the intention of naming my mood. I’ve desired to change the mood I live in around my husband’s recent diagnosis of a chronic disease. I choose the image of the boulders in the sea. I have been living in a mood of anxiety as we travel through this sea of unknowns. Is that mood serving me to support my husband… NO. So, back to the images to see what mood I desire to choose… the ship on the calm blue water called to me. I desire to support my husband from a calm stable place where I can see clearly what my role can be. Ahhh, I do have a choice in my mood! Want to know more about my coaching… or Jane’s or Irene’s? Go here. Do you have thought about moods? Please post.


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