Images are Unique for Each of Us

Images are Unique for Each of Us

It is always interesting to see what each person feels and sees while looking at a JICT Image. This image has evoked many different emotions in participants using the images in one of our presentations. One person saw a couple united… off on their journey together. Another person say the man pulling away and felt overwhelmed with loneliness. What’s going on here?

  • Images trigger emotions from deep in our bodies where they are stored.
  • Images trigger stories we hold… our own or some story that had deep meaning for us.
  • Images take us immediately to the emotional realm.

Knowing these three things can serve you in working with groups or individual clients. If you want to get to the emotional realm… where the authentic self lies, then we suggest you use images to go their quickly. Want to know more? Click here. Share your story with images revealing emotions by posting here.


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